IP in Russia and Ukraine

7th Apr 2022

An update on the latest sanctions on Russia and information relating to intellectual property (IP) in Russia and Ukraine.


The Intellectual Property Regulation Board (IPReg) has published a updated guidance on Russia and UK IP business

UK IPO statement

The UK IPO published a statement on 2nd March 2022. It states: “The UK’s economic sanctions against Russia include intellectual property, and we are enforcing these sanctions robustly.”

The UK IPO goes on to reassure Ukrainian customers, saying that it will use the “maximum flexibility available to us in law to consider requests for extensions of time, reinstatements and restorations.”

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Sanctions on Russia

The UK Government has announced a suite of sanctions against Russia, its major financial institutions and individuals.

Click here for the latest information on UK sanctions against Russia

Watch the UK Government's briefing on the sanctions

The Office for Financial Sanctions Implementation has also published information, and a search tool to find sanctioned entities and individuals

Thomson Reuters Practical Law has published a toolkit which provides useful information on Russia sanctions and related considerations. 

UK government support

The government has asked the Export Support Service (ESS) to support business who have questions or concerns. If you have a question about trading with Ukraine or Russia, use the dedicated online service or call 0300 303 8955.

For those businesses with British citizens working or living in Russia and Ukraine, please contact the British embassy in Moscow or the British embassy in Kyiv.

Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute (UIPI)

The UIPI published a statement on 1st March to confirm that it remains operational.

It issued an update on 22nd March confirming that the department for trade marks was still continuing to work. More than 150 trade mark applications have been received 

The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry declared martial law on 24th February for 30 days and so all business related deadlines are suspended for this time.

European Patent Office (EPO)

In a statement published on 1st March 2022, the EPO announced it was freezing its “co-operation activities with the national patent offices of the Federation of Russia and of Belarus, as well as to put on hold co-operation activities with the Eurasian Patent Organisation”.

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On 9th March 2022 the EUIPO announced that it had "halted all cooperation actions with Rospatent, the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property, and the Eurasian Patent Organisation (EAPO)". 

The EUIPO added that it has granted a one-month extension from 24th February "for all parties in proceedings before the Office having their residence or registered office in Ukraine, and will review the need for further extensions and additional measures as we move forward". 

On LinkedIn EUIPO Executive Director Christian Archambeau said: "In these darkest of times for Europe, we are closely monitoring the situation, as everyone is. 

"My colleagues and I stand by Ukraine, and we are ready to take whatever action is required in full coordination with the EU Institutions."


Via Twitter WIPO Director General Daren Tang said: "WIPO has always worked toward one goal: to ensure that intellectual property supports innovation and creativity to improve lives across the globe.

"War destroys lives, property and the spirit that allows innovation and creativity to thrive. It is anathema to our work and values as an international organization and a United Nations agency. 

"We are shocked and heartbroken at the loss of life and devastation in Ukraine and join others in calling for an immediate end to hostilities. Peace must prevail." 

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