Brazil on-course to join Madrid Protocol

29th May 2019

Brazil is on-course to join the system for registration of international trade marks in autumn 2019 after it passed in the Brazilian Senate.


Brazil has been working towards acceding to the Madrid Protocol for some time. However, language, a backlog of applications and the inability to accept applications in multiple trade mark classes have all been holding up accession. 

It was approved by the Brazilian Senate on 22nd May 2019. 

The Madrid System allows applicants who have applied for or registered a trade mark in their own country, to apply for the corresponding trade mark in some, or all, of the countries who have signed up to the system.

Each individual country then has up to 18 months to conduct its own examination and raise any objections.

More than 100 countries are part of the Madrid Protocol, although in Latin America only Colombia, Cuba and Mexico are part of the system.