Mind your wellbeing

6th Feb 2020

Mind launches a toolkit with LawCare to promote better wellbeing in the legal sector.

Mental health

Mental health continues to be a hot topic between employers and employees. 

Research conducted by Mind in 2019 found that, of the 837 staff surveyed across five law firms, 61% stated their current mental health as ‘anxious’ and 70% of poor mental health attributed to problems at work.

Faye McGuinness, Head of Workplace Wellbeing Programmes at Mind, said:

“We know that there’s a strong proven business case for legal workplaces to promote good physical and mental health for all staff – it leads to greater productivity, better morale, better retention of valued and experienced staff, and reduced sickness absence. We hope this toolkit encourages people to open up the conversation on mental health in the sector and to utilise the resources to help them get started.”

The legal toolkit that was produced in partnership with LawCare, includes resources from a range of expert organisations. The resources include tips on how to create mentally healthy legal workplaces, free online training to develop emotional competence and resilience, and a guide to managing stress in the legal profession.

Mind is a mental health charity that provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. The charity campaigns to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.

For more information visit  www.mind.org.uk