UK IPO temporarily reintroduces bulk changes to address for service

24th Jan 2024

The service will allow a high volume of address for service change requests to be processed more efficiently.


The reintroduction comes in response to the end of the period in which holders of comparable trade marks and re-registered designs could appoint a new representative.

This period came to an end on 31st December 2023.

Unless the IP rights are currently involved in any invalidation, rectification, or revocation proceedings launched on or after 1st January 2024, owners and representatives do not need to take any action.

Owners are not required to provide a new address for service if the present one is in the EEA, although it is possible to move from an EEA address for service to a UK, Gibraltar or Channel Islands address.

There are three options for how an address for service can be updated, which can be used in combination if necessary:

Any queries regarding this service should be directed to [email protected]

Option 1: Global Update

This option is suitable where a representative is changing all the designs and/or trade marks they already represent at a single EEA address to a single UK address: 

  • A single form TM33 is required for trade marks or a single form DF1A for designs, including a signature to authorise the change. 
  • The form must state “all marks” or “all designs”.  A list of the cases to be updated is not required.
  • Email the completed form directly to: [email protected].
  • Include the words ‘Global Update’ in the email subject line.
  • Every case under the existing Representative ID will be updated to the UK address.

Option 2: Bulk Representative Update (temporary service for trade marks only)

This option can be used to update at least 50 cases where you wish to apply a single UK address for service for:

Some, or all, of the comparable trade marks that currently have an EEA address for service/representative.

  • The UK IPO can provide by email a spreadsheet template for you to complete.
  • Complete the spreadsheet template with details of at least 50 rights and submit this by email with a completed single TM33 form to [email protected]
  • All cases on a single spreadsheet must be moving from one single representative ID to another.
  • The UK IPO accept multiple owners on one request.
  • For fewer than 50 updates use option three.

Option 3: Standard Filing of DF1A/TM33 Forms

Use this option to change the representative address for multiple comparable trade marks and re-registered designs when neither of the above options are suitable.

  • Email your TM33 or DF1A with a list of cases to be updated to [email protected].
  • This can include international marks or designs.