CITMA Council election results 2024

28th Mar 2024

Congratulations to the members who have been elected to sit on our governing Council following recent elections.

Charter document close up

11 corporate members, and one CITMA Paralegal were elected during the recent voting, which closed on Monday 25th March.

Ordinary members and Fellows of CITMA were eligible to vote to fill the vacant Council positions.

The result and those elected, as announced at our AGM on 28th March, are:

  • Ese Akpogheneta
  • Oscar Benito
  • Richard Goddard
  • Daniel Hardman-Smart
  • Becky Knott
  • Chris McLeod
  • Kate O'Rourke
  • Maggie Ramage
  • Kelly Saliger
  • Ervina Vasiljevic
  • Catherine Wiseman

They join the existing members of the Council who were previously elected.

CITMA Paralegal representative

Kane Ridley was elected to be CITMA Paralegal representative on Council, as voted by CITMA Paralegal members from three nominees.

This is the first time that the CITMA Paralegal representative has been formally elected by members.

Kane will hold the role for two years, and will provide a paralegal perspective on discussions at Council.

What does Council do?

Council is our governing body and meets six times a year to review and set the strategic direction of CITMA.

Our President, the First Vice-President and the Second Vice-President/Treasurer are elected from among members of Council.

The new President and Vice-Presidents are due to be announced on 16th April 2024.