EUIPO publishes new case law research

10th Jun 2022

The EUIPO has published the first of five Boards of Appeal case law research reports.

The Boards of Appeal action plan, which can be read here, includes “Quality and Consistency” as one of its key focuses.

The intention of this research report is to fulfil that focus by ensuring that detailed research is readily available.

The EU IPO intends for the reports to contribute to the coherence and consistency of trade mark and design law by offering a central source of information. In particular, the reports will function as a central resource for the Boards of Appeal.

The reports rely on the Boards’ understanding of current trends in case law, and contain analysis of relevant cases in order to increase the level of consistency in decision making by offering guidance both for the EU IPO and other practices in Europe.

In order to gain wider industry feedback, the EU IPO will be discussing the reports at user group meetings, as well as at the upcoming IP case law conference in Alicante.

The first two of the five reports can be read in full here.