First look at ‘One IPO’ transformation

10th Mar 2022

The UK IPO has shared a preview of what its users can expect from their new customer accounts, launching by 2026.

In order to streamline the current system, the UK IPO is working to combine all 30+ IP management services into one customer account.

This will allow owners to view all their IP rights information in one place, as well as make changes and share access more quickly.

The UK IPO is currently designing and testing prototypes of these accounts. They have shared detailed summaries of each account section, which can be explored here.

The customer account will also introduce a service previously not available online: it will now be possible to digitally record a transfer of IP ownership for multiple rights in a single transaction, a process which previously had to be performed on paper.

The next development stage will continue the process of developing these designs. It will also involve beginning to work on additional aspects of the customer accounts, including how viewing and editing access for IP rights could be shared with other people and changes to account details, especially changes of address.

The UK IPO continues to invite feedback and input on its development work. If you would like to pass on any thoughts, you can email the IPO here.

The UK IPO has said that it is two years away from launching its new patents service, with trade marks and designs to follow in 2025 and 2026 respectively. Click here to read the UK IPO’s latest update.