IP Inclusive launches mental health survey

9th May 2022

IP Inclusive has invited intellectual property professionals to take part in its survey to track mental health changes in the profession.

Open to members of CITMA and CIPA of any professional level, the survey will mark 2022’s Mental Health Awareness Week, which runs from 9th to 15th May.

In addition to members of CITMA and CIPA, professionals in areas such as marketing, HR, finance and other business support roles for IP firms are invited to take part.

The survey is being run with the support of mental health charity mental health charity Jonathan’s Voice, which supports mental wellbeing in the IP industry.

Responses to the survey will remain entirely anonymous. The questions have been tailored to include the impact of the pandemic on the profession, and shaped around earlier feedback from members of IP Inclusive.

IP Inclusive have developed different iterations of the survey, designed to target different sections of the profession with maximum relevance.

By filling out the survey directed to your job role, you can ensure that Jonathon’s Voice has access to the most precise data possible to use in its work going forwards.

The evidence gathered from this survey will feed into the work that Jonathon’s Voice does by telling them what they need to know about the challenges that are facing IP professionals.

Please click here to complete the survey, which closes on 31st May.