IPReg invites views on regulatory arrangements

12th Jan 2022

The Intellectual Property Regulation Board (IPReg) has invited responses to a consultation on its regulatory arrangements.

This consultation follows and was developed in relation to an earlier call for evidence which closed in February 2021, which can be read here.

IPReg’s regulatory arrangements are wide ranging, and cover all areas of regulated professional activity, including qualification, admission, disciplinary matters and retirement from the register.

This review will aim to solidify the following goals:

  • Reducing the burden of regulation by ensuring that unnecessary regulatory practices are not required
  • Focusing on the issues that really matter and set reasonable standards
  • Maintaining consumer protection by striking the right balance
  • Where possible, relying on principles rather than detailed or prescriptive rules
  • Facilitating innovation through use of the “regulatory sandbox” to test alternative PII arrangements
  • Offering a streamlined and consistent framework
  • Developing resilience to change.

Although this consultation will gather views on current education and training requirements, there are no proposed changes to these at this time.

The survey will also explore views on IPReg’s current work on diversity and inclusion, and on its recent impact assessment.

Due to the wide ranging nature of this survey, IPReg invites participants to respond to whichever areas are particularly relevant to their practice or personal interests.

Click here for the full consultation paper, including the impact assessment and proposed core regulatory framework

Responses are welcomed until 5pm on 17th March 2022.