Our response to a new Prime Minister

23rd Jul 2019

Following the announcement that Boris Johnson will be the new Prime Minister we have issued the following statement.

Big Ben

President of The Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys, Tania Clark said: “A new Prime Minister could bring a different approach, but our position remains the same –minimum cost for business and maximum legal certainty when it comes to EU trade marks and designs is essential for business. 

“We want the UK to continue to be in or closely aligned to the EU system for trade marks and designs – this would benefit businesses in the UK and across the EU. This includes continued rights of representation before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for UK Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys after Brexit.

“It is welcome that the Government has assured holders of EU trade marks and designs that an equivalent UK right will be created on Brexit. It is essential that this is honoured.

“IP will be a vital part of future trade agreements, both with the EU and further afield. It is important the IP community is fully consulted, and we call on the new Prime Minister to ensure this happens.”