CITMA Paralegal course success

14th Sep 2021

Congratulations to the 110 candidates who successfully passed the 2020/2021 CITMA Paralegal Course exam.

The official qualification for trade mark paralegals, formalities staff and administrators, the CITMA Paralegal Course helps candidates to develop and test their knowledge and skills across a range of vital competencies. 

It provides an extensive dive into trade mark registrations, searches, renewals and maintenance, changes of ownership, oppositions and cancellations. 

It also touches on registered designs and domain names, equipping candidates with a full understanding of professional practice.

The top mark was achieved by Szu-Yu Tao and Gyongyver Filser, who scored both 94 out of 100. Congratulations to Gyongyver and Szu-Yu.

Everyone who passed the course is now eligible to become a CITMA Paralegal member.

CITMA Paralegal members demonstrate a commitment to their continuing professional development (CPD), collectively helping us to improve standards within the field.

The deadline for booking for the 2021/2022 course is Friday 17th September. Click here to book your place.

The pass list:

Alastair Wither 
Alexis Holland 
Alexander Thompson 
Amani Islam 
Amy Fenton  
Amy Goodwin 
Anica Cruz
Ann Ogunyemi 
Anna Anderson 
Avalon Colleen Koster
Becky Swindell
Beth Kent 
Bethany Ellis 
Caitlan Mulvanerty 
Cheryl Anderson
Chloe Day 
Claire Modlock 
Claire Middleton 
Dawn Potts 
Dechen Menon 
Della Short 
Eleanor Pilott 
Eleanor Whitton 
Emily Cox
Ernest Cooper 
Fiona Jones
Gvantsa Okrostsvaridze 
Gyongyver Filser 
Hannah Bentley 
Hannah Rhodes 
Harry Cutmore 
Hasina Begum 
Hatem Mohamed  
Hatice Ahu Guneyli 
Helen Gooidge 
Holly Gillan 
Jade Addy Sutton
Jennifer Painter 
Jennifer Thomas 
Jenny Mayne
Jessica Copestake 
Jessica Stalabrass
Jin Li
Jordana Jukes 
Josh Frame
Julie Knowles 
Juliet Boyd
Ka Yan Cheung 
Kate Mears 
Kate Orme 
Katherina Giermindl 
Kathy Oi Nee Chan 
Keira Denton 
Kiera Cloete
Kirsty Eves
Lai Ngar Leia Wan 
Lauren Roxanne Oikonomou 
Laurissa Abdull 
Leigh Hughes
Lindsey Annable 
Louise Bush 
Lucy Hopper 
Magdalena Hesse
Maira Sultmane 
Man Wai Wong 
Mar Perera Deniz
Matthew Quigley 
Maxine Dwyer 
Megan Garraghan 
Megan Taylor 
Melmia Inniss
Mia Scherrer 
Michael Fish 
Michaela Broda
Michelle Yeomans 
Mika Brooks 
Miriam Vancraeyenest  
Natalie Dowsett 
Nawel Chemali 
Orlin Kasabov 
Patricia Jackson
Paula Coiro Chamoun
Preethy Nayar Seetha Devi
Rachel Zufferey 
Rhianna Faye 
Rob Capel 
Rohan Rajmangal 
Romil Mehta 
Salome Njeri 
Sarah Dorgan 
Sarah Elmaslouhi 
Sarah-Jane Griffiths 
Seiko Rabouhans 
Serena Spencer 
Serena Drummond
Sinead Clark 
Sonia Vibhakar 
Stephanie Bartley 
Suraj Radia  
Susan Douglas 
Szu Yu Tao 
Teri Fry 
Toria Turner 
Vicki Kittle 
Victor Cotruta 
Victoria Colley 
Victoria Hampton
Wai Wun Lao
Wendy Pritchard 
Wing Tung Tong