IPO launches transformation programme

22nd Apr 2021

An ambitious programme to create a single integrated digital system for all IP rights in the UK has been launched by the UK IPO.

The five-year programme, the UK IPO says, will “transform intellectual property (IP) services and enhance the value IP adds to the UK economy.”

At the conclusion of the transformation the UK IPO has set out its ambition to be the “best IP office in the world”.

The programme will deliver a fully digital service, and users of the UK IPO will have a single online account with self-service features.

The UK IPO also plans to open up its data for researchers and businesses to utilise and learn from.

The transformation will take five years to complete, and is split into three phases:

Phase one – Build the ‘One IPO’ foundation (2021 – 2024)

The UK IPO will start to build a single, integrated system for all IP rights (patents, trade marks and designs) – the ‘common IP system’. By the end of this phase, patents will have moved onto this system.

Phase two – All rights on ‘One IPO’ (2023 – 2026)

Trade marks and designs will join patents on the new system. The UK IPO will offer a fully digital service, where users can manage all of their IP rights and account details in one place.

Phase three – Be the best IP office (2026 onwards)

The UK IPO will seek feedback to deliver ongoing improvements.

UK IPO CEO Tim Moss said: “At the IPO our ambition is to be the best IP office in the world. We know that our customers value our first-class culture and customer service, which already sets us apart. However, we also know that we do not meet our goal of excellent IP services, and our customers rightly expect more as the world we live in becomes increasingly digital by default.

“Our transformation programme is our pledge to up our game – to deliver excellent IP services that meet the needs of our customers. To achieve that we will not replicate what we do now, but completely transform the way we deliver services. This will not only result in more modern, flexible, digital services, but also opportunities to explore new services to help our customers protect, research and use their IP more effectively, reinforcing the UK’s place as a global innovation and IP leader.”

Richard Goddard, CITMA President said: “We are looking forward to working with a modern IP system that is built for the benefit of rights holders and those who represent them.

“Our members will have an important role to play in ensuring it meets the needs of all those who use it and we look forward to working closely with the UK IPO to facilitate the creation and testing of the new systems.

“Our members help protect ideas and innovation -  this new technology has the power to have a far reaching benefit that helps create and protect even more ideas and innovations in the future.”

The UK IPO will be running a series of user testing sessions to get feedback from all users throughout the programme. Contact [email protected] to register your interest. 

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