CITMA strategic plan 2024-2026

5th Dec 2023

We are pleased to present our plan for supporting you and our changing profession over the next three years.

CITMA Strategic Plan cover 2024-2026.png

This strategic plan document sets out the highlights of what we plan to do to help you and everyone in our profession to thrive.

From artificial intelligence to digital transformation at the UK IPO, it is vital that at a time of change we are looking ahead as we continue to work for you.

What we outline stems back to what you told us in the membership survey, conducted in 2022.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence could transform the way our profession works far into the future. With this emerging technology gathering momentum the next three years will be crucial to future-proofing our profession. We hope to play a key role in preparing you and helping you to embrace the changes and opportunities that will present themselves.

Helping you thrive

Recently we have undertaken a lot of work advocating for change to the UK’s IP system to protect the world-class environment we operate in. This will continue. Our approach may change form as the next three years develops but you can be assured that we will advocate for your interests and always fight your corner.  

Education is always a key pillar of our work, and we will continue to support those in our profession to develop, whatever career stage they are at.

We enjoy bringing our community together to learn, grow and network and your engagement shows us that this remains an important area of our work.

We strive to bring you high quality events where learning and networking are fundamental and we will continue to explore new opportunities to develop key competencies and training to support these.

Our commitment to social responsibility is unwavering and our drive to be Net Zero will continue apace.

We look forward to helping you to embrace change.