UAE joins Madrid Protocol

12th Jan 2022

The United Arab Emirates has become a signatory of the Madrid Protocol, the 109th state to join.

It follows Bahrain and Oman as the third Gulf state to join the protocol, having officially acceded on 28th December 2021. 

Allowing UAE based applicants to acquire trade mark protection worldwide through the WIPO, this development will benefits UAE based rights holders, as well as those looking to register rights in the UAE from elsewhere.

The UAE’s accession will significantly lower costs for rights holders, who will no longer have to organise powers of attorney and will also benefit from a reduction in the official fees payable.

The Madrid System allows applicants who have applied for or registered a trade mark in their own country, to apply for the corresponding trade mark in some, or all, of the countries who have signed up to the system.

Each individual country then has up to 18 months to conduct its own examination and raise any objections.