UK trade marks to be added to global database

20th Jul 2022

WIPO’s Global Brands Database will shortly grow by some 3 million trade marks after the UK IPO signed an agreement to add UK trade marks.

WIPO headquarters in Geneva

UK IPO Chief Executive Tim Moss this week visited Geneva to sign a co-operation agreement with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

The Global Brands Database is an online resource made freely available by WIPO.  It provides access to more than 50 million records, from some 71 national and international collections, in one place.

Initially, the UK will add existing registered trade marks, which equates to around 3 million records. They are due to be added in the coming weeks.

The addition of these trade marks to the global database means that UK registered trade marks will show up in searches of the database made by anyone around the world.

The database can be searched by brand, classification, country, company, or date. You can also upload an image to be searched.

The database also has information on appellations of origin and armorial bearings, flags and other state emblems protected in various countries, as well as the names, abbreviations, and emblems of intergovernmental organisations.

The UK IPO’s Chief Executive Tim Moss said: “We are pleased to be working with WIPO to support great British brands, and benefit IP users around the globe.

“The addition of more than 3 million UK registered trade marks to WIPO’s database will help businesses grow their brands with confidence.  By providing additional protection, it will reassure UK trade mark holders that their mark is less likely to be infringed. 

“Our partnership with WIPO in areas of common interest ensures that the IP framework remains fit for the future.  The UK has one of the most highly regarded IP environments in the world, and joining the database is a practical step that will help keep it that way.”

WIPO Director General Daren Tang said: "We are delighted with the inclusion of the UK trade marks collection in WIPO's Global Brand Database.

“This is a significant step for users the world over and greatly enhances the value of the database, especially for companies seeking to file a new trade mark application in multiple countries.

“The new agreement also paves the way for greater technical collaboration between our offices, including the use of machine learning to improve the efficiency of IP-related procedures.