Our speakers will offer you a comprehensive overview of the Company Names Tribunal, allowing you to unlock its full potential in your work.

With a focus on the Tribunal’s history and remit, you will gain a broad understanding of how this service was formed and what it can offer to you.

In addition, our speakers will share specifics on the relevant areas of law, supported by examples of typical disputes to demonstrate practical application of the Tribunal’s systems.

This webinar will also cover the mechanics of proceedings, ensuring that your knowledge of the Tribunal’s systems is both broad and in depth.

This webinar supports skill set 3.4: Company Names Tribunal of the Advanced Competency Framework.

Learning objectives

You will leave this webinar with an appreciation of:

  • How the Tribunal was conceived
  • What is included within its remit
  • The ways in which it is distinct from Companies House functions.
  • An appreciation of the relevant law
  • The mechanics of proceedings within the Tribunal

Meet your speakers

Nathan Abraham
Nathan is Deputy Director, Tribunal at the UK IPO. He is also currently participating in the CITMA/ UK IPO Roadshow.

Mark King
Mark has been a Trade Marks Inter-partes Hearing Office, Company Names Adjudicator and Commercial Mediator at the UK IPO for over four years. Prior to joining the UK IPO, Mark was on the EUIPO Board of Appeal and Opposition Division.