2020: Advice clinics

8th Apr 2021

Our re-launched trade mark advice clinics proved to be a big hit with businesses, with more than 150 engaging.

Advice clinics

We re-launched our offering online in September. The online format allowed far greater flexibility both for those needing advice and for the volunteers providing it. There was now no need to be in London at a set time each month. The clinics could take place from anywhere and at a time suitable to all involved.

More than 150 small businesses and entrepreneurs signed up to receive advice from Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys between September and December 2020 through our online clinics.

This represents a sizable increase in demand for the scheme, which had a total of 46 clinics in 2019, all in-person.

We were also successful in getting our members registered for the scheme, with more than 60 signing up. However, we will need more volunteers to meet demand in 2021.

We pair up businesses seeking answers to questions about their trade marks with a specialist legal professional from our database of clinic volunteers. They offer 30 minutes’ free advice on protecting trademarks and avoiding infringement.

All our volunteers are either Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys or other regulated legal professionals who are members.

Founder of the Brand Language Studio Rob Self-Pierson, who previously attended one of our advice clinics, said: “The clinic was full of interesting and useful information. I got exactly what I needed to begin my trade mark application, and work towards securing IP valuable to my business. A big thank you to the Chartered Trade Mark Attorney for sharing her knowledge with me.”

Our free trade mark advice clinics have been running for more than 15 years and have helped hundreds of small businesses and can act as an introduction to potential clients for the attorneys involved.

Chartered Trade Mark Attorney at SH&P, Robin Webster, said: “The clinics are a great way to engage with business owners who are on the fence about registering their mark and then to be able to support them through the process”.