The Community Designs Handbook

This handbook provides a detailed description of the law and practice relating to design law in the European Union.

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The Community Designs Handbook acts as a companion to the European Union Trade Mark Handbook.

It contains all the background materials and tools needed to understand and use the community design regulation.

The work takes a 'how-to' approach, taking the reader through all the various stages of registering a community design.

Each section begins with an executive summary and a content outline, followed by the detail. The commentary is procedural-based, and also includes references to UK-specific and international considerations.


  1. Introduction (inc representation and authorisation) 
  2. Searching and community designs
  3. Making a registered community design application
  4. Examination: admissibility and amendments, subject-matter and morality
  5. Deferred publication
  6. Publication of registered community designs and inspection of files
  7. The Hague Agreement
  8. Invalidation – preliminaries and filing
  9. Invalidation – procedure
  10. Appeals
  11. Duration and renewal of registered community designs
  12. Entitlement
  13. Assignments, licenses, rights in rem/security interests and other transactions relevant to community designs
  14. Restitutio in Integrum
  15. Unregistered community designs
  16. Overlap with trade marks
  17. Other parallel rights
    • UK rights
    • Overseas rights
  18. Infringement
  19. Defences to infringement
  20. Enforcement of a community design

General editors

  • Patricia Collis
  • William Jones

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