The European Union Trade Mark Handbook

This handbook offers everything you need to know about the EUTM system.

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This handbook dives into the details about the entire process required for obtaining a EUTM from start to finish. It offers a full analysis of the EUIPO legislation and provides updates and analyses EUIPO case law

It explores the interaction of the EUTM system with Madrid and provides commentary, examples and key advice on EUIPO practice.

This handbook is updated twice per year to keep on top of the latest developments. 


  • Introduction
  • Trade Mark Searching
  • Making a EUTM Application
  • The EUTM and the Madrid Protocol
  • Examination of EUTM Applications by EUIPO: Admissibility
  • Examination of EUTM Applications by EUIPO: Absolute Grounds
  • Approaches to Countering Objections under Article 7(1)
  • Evidence of Acquired Distinctiveness
  • Ex Officio Searches
  • Oppositions: Preliminaries and Filing
  • Oppositions: Admissibility
  • Oppositions: The Applicant’s Response
  • Decisions in Opposition Proceedings
  • Appeals
  • Restitutio in Integrum
  • Duration and Renewal
  • Assignment, Licences, Rights
  • Revocation and Invalidity
  • Enforcement of a EUTM
  • The Community Law of Trade Mark Infringement
  • Defences to Infringement
  • Seniority
  • Conversion of EUTM Application
  • Collective Marks
  • European Free Movement and Competition Law
  • Acquiescence and the EUTM

General editor

Mark Hiddleston

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