The Trade Mark Handbook

Stay up-to-date with law and practice relating to trade marks.

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The Trade Mark Handbook provides a detailed description of the law and practice relating to trade marks and of the relevant aspects of European and international law.

It describes in detail how to register and protect a trade mark and explains key issues as renewal and restoration, licensing copyright and trade marks and competition law. 

The handbook also provides coverage of the European Union Trade Mark and guidance on how to use a trade mark and manage a trade mark portfolio successfully. 

It contains coverage of all the relevant statutes and treaties and sets out court procedures for trade mark cases. 


  • Choosing a trade mark
  • Proprietorship
  • Application procedure under the Trade Marks Act 1994
  • Registrability and distinctiveness
  • The internet
  • Evidence in registry proceedings
  • Opposition
  • Surrender, revocation and invalidity
  • Alteration of a trade mark application
  • Alterations to the register
  • Appeals from the registrar's decision
  • Certification marks and collective marks
  • Renewal and restoration
  • Assignments
  • Licensing and security interests in trade marks
  • Franchising
  • Taxation
  • Infringement
  • Customs procedures and counterfeiting offences
  • Civil court procedures for trade mark cases
  • Trade descriptions
  • Trade libel, comparative advertising and threats
  • International arrangements
  • European free movement, competition law and trade mark transactions
  • Using a trade mark property: portfolio management and brand valuation
  • Product liability and safety law: trade mark implications
  • International registration of marks
  • Community trade marks and the UK trade mark registration system: a comparison

General editors

  • Mark Hiddleston
  • Terry Johnson
  • James Setchell
  • Tom Hooper

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