Anti-Counterfeiting: Practice and Procedure - Wehrle

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Anti-Counterfeiting: Practice and Procedure, authored by Ralph Wehrle from specialist law firm Briffa, provides comprehensive analysis of the various civil and criminal enforcement procedures available to practitioners and intellectual property rights holders.

The Police and Crown Prosecution Service, Trading Standards, and Border Force are among the agencies which have a role to play in anti-counterfeiting. But how do they work, and which do you need to turn to? What powers do they have? What outcome can you expect? Ralph explores all the avenues available.

Ralph takes the reader through the relevant legislation including: the Trade Marks Act 1994, Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 and the Fraud Act 2006. He goes on to cover what happens when criminal proceedings are taken. Civil routes are also covered in detail.

About the author

Ralph Wehrle is a solicitor with over 25 years’ experience advising clients in relation to the protection and enforcement of their intellectual property rights.

He has represented small and large businesses with counterfeiting problems including laying the groundwork for, setting up and then successfully implementing and evolving anti-counterfeiting programmes to meet clients’ needs and budgets and, as part of that, bringing civil and criminal actions if and when appropriate.

Ralph is a long-standing partner at Briffa, a specialist intellectual property and information technology law firm, with a thriving anti-counterfeiting practice both in the UK and abroad.


1. Trade in infringing product
2. Criminal provisions
3. Criminal enforcement agencies and their initial powers
4. Criminal enforcement: procedure and consequences
5. Criminal provisions
6. Civil enforcement: procedure and remedies
7. Other actions


ISBN: 978-1-9998317-0-7
No. of pages: 200
Format: Softback
Published date: December 2017

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