Certification Marks: A crash course

Jasmine Sihre shares her tips for first-time filers.

1st Sep 2020
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Our plastic-free magazine

Plastic equivalent to 168,000 drinking straws will be saved by CITMA Review magazine moving to a compostable starch-based wrapper.

1st Sep 2020 | News

Break your silence

Everyone must be a proactive ally if we are to put an end to racism, writes Hannah Burrows.

1st Sep 2020

Peer power

Elizabeth Rimmer outlines the value of emotional support service.

1st Sep 2020

All avatars invited

Our Autumn Conference is a no-Zoom zone. Instead, we’re using the latest digital technology to ensure our event rises to the challenge

1st Sep 2020

Letter from the UK IPO

Tim Moss brings us up to date on how the UK IPO is responding to the world’s ongoing challenges.

1st Sep 2020

Crossing the class divide

The trend for sin-free beverages is raising interesting questions for brand owners, Vanessa Harrow explains.

1st Sep 2020




Insider: September 2020

Our latest news and updates of interest.

1st Sep 2020

Events calendar: September 2020

Our upcoming events for members, plus other IP events of interest

1st Sep 2020

TM20: September

Amy Salter… is fired up by a love of fashion

1st Sep 2020


Case comments:


That sinking feeling

Richard May reviews what halted the progress of Titanic Gin. O/315/20, Titanic Gin (Invalidity), UK IPO, 9th June 2020

1st Sep 2020 | Case comment

Seeing scents

Francesco Simone believes an absurd conclusion was averted on appeal. R 1524/2019-2, The Procter & Gamble Company v Trademarks Solution Sp.zo.o. Sp.k., EUIPO, 28th May 2020

1st Sep 2020 | Case comment

Goodbye HelloFruity

Nick Bowie explains why not all elements are created equal. R 119/2020-4, Importaco SA v HelloFresh SE, EUIPO, 3rd June 2020

1st Sep 2020 | Case comment

Geek pique

The Court saw similarities sufficient for potential passing off, reports Peter Collie. O/309/20, AP & Co. Ltd v Yellow Bulldog Ltd, UK IPO, 4th June 2020

1st Sep 2020 | Case comment

A not-so-super effort

Internet-based evidence was one of the weaknesses here, reports Sophie Soeting. O/300/200, SUPER HERO ENERGY (Opposition), UK IPO, 1st June 2020

1st Sep 2020 | Case comment

No case for brand evolution

A mere coincidence of alternating letters was insufficient to find confusion, writes Désirée Fields. O/322/20, EMOLITE (Opposition), UK IPO, 12th June 2020

1st Sep 2020 | Case comment

Absolut grounds for refusal

Gavin Stenton reveals why a cashmere mark was found to be non-distinctive. R 2448/2019-4, MCC v Fourth Board of Appeal, EUIPO 27th May 2020

1st Sep 2020 | Case comment

Merck becomes less murky

Patrick Cantrill sees new clarity around a complicated coexistence. [2020] EWHC 1273 (Ch), Merck KGaA v Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp (& Others), High Court, 20th May 2020

1st Sep 2020 | Case comment

Bad robot

Hilary Atherton outlines why Robot’s appeal arguments fell away. O/308/20, HYBRID (Opposition), UK IPO, 2nd June 2020

1st Sep 2020 | Case comment

Failure at the second bite

Applicants should not stint on substantiation, says Loren Ravenscroft. R 2023/2018-2, Diffulice SARL v Beiersdorf AG, EUIPO, 11th June 2020

1st Sep 2020 | Case comment

Game on!

It will be interesting to see how an unusual argument plays out, says Charlotte Wilding. [2020] EWHC 1439 (Ch), Manchester United Football Club Ltd v Sega Publishing Europe Ltd & Another, High Court, 4th June 2020

1st Sep 2020 | Case comment

No love for XOXO application

Elisabetta Ferraro explains why “Hugs and Kisses” is not a distinctive mark. T-503/19, Global Brand Holdings LLC v EUIPO, General Court, 13th May 2020

1st Sep 2020 | Case comment
Registered trade mark

Appeal process proves its appeal

A second attempt can bring success, says Cameron Malone-Brown. C-115/19, China Construction Bank Corp. v EUIPO, CJEU, 11th June 2020

1st Sep 2020 | Case comment


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CITMA Review September

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