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Company Profile

Page White Farrer’s trade mark specialists provide our clients with good quality, good value trade mark assistance, based upon many years’ knowledge and experience.

Often through creative solutions, we have been successful in helping build strong, protectable brands, in response to commercial needs and within commercial deadlines. We provide practical and understandable advice, often in relation to complex legal issues and unusual situations that require inventive use of trade mark, design and domain name laws.

As a medium sized trade mark firm, we use our resources to deal with large world-wide trade mark portfolios. At the same time, we have the flexibility to provide a personal individualised service,  and so we act for individual traders, law firms, design and marketing companies and merchandising companies, through to airlines, financial services companies and larger pharmaceutical companies.

Page White Farrer have been providing services for over 100 years, are members of CITMA, INTA, ECTA, PTMG as well as other professional organisations, operating from the North and South of the United Kingdom and from Germany.

Our Services

We assist clients by reviewing existing portfolios, and searching and advising on the availability of new brands.

We protect trade marks, domain names and designs world-wide, dealing with government objections and opposition/cancellation actions.

Post registration, we provide a full in-house renewals service, assist with the transfer of rights and maintain watches for later applications that should be opposed.

Some of our more unusual work has included registering colours for pills, drinks and bottles, registering novel packaging as designs and we were successful in the first domain name dispute  action.

We also assist with a wide range of patent issues in all fields of technology.


For further information please contact:

JAMES CORNISH [email protected]   Registered UK trade mark attorney.

TARYN BYRNE [email protected]  Registered UK Trade mark attorney.

Page White Farrer   Bedford House   John Street   London, WC1N 2BF   United Kingdom.

Also at Suite 3.05, Platform, New Station St, Leeds, LS1 4JB.

Also at Widenmayerstr. 10, D-80538 Munich, Germany.

OLIVER SPIES [email protected]  Attorney at law. European Trade mark attorney.

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