Who are Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys?

Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys are the legal experts on protecting and exploiting trade marks and designs.

Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys not only advise you on what trade marks and designs you should protect and how, they take a commercial and strategic view on your intellectual property to help organisations thrive.

Trade marks and designs are vital pieces of the economy, making the work we do to protect them invaluable to business. 

We are proud of the expertise, trust, skill and quality of service CITMA members provide. By using a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney you should be reassured of the level of service you receive.

Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys have high professional standards, maintained by a strong code of conduct and continuing professional development requirements. This underpins the trust that has led to the awarding of a Royal Charter. To be a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney you must pass a rigorous examination and training programme and continue to build on these skills.

Chartered professionals date back to the 19th Century, and Royal Charters much further back than that – they are steeped in history. It is a well-known term for a number of professions from accountants to civil engineers and has a high renown and status, using it gives a credibility that is backed up by years of high quality work.

Since 1934 ITMA, now CITMA, has sought to bring recognition to the work and role of trade mark attorneys, and this is the latest development of the profession.

The organisation stands for quality of education, representation and regulation which continues today and beyond.

Discover what a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney can do for you today – use our search tool to find a member of CITMA near you.